Embossing Stencil Paste
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Embossing Stencil Paste

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Botanics Smooth Embossing Paste is an eco-friendly, ready mixed paste that can be used to repair flaws in wood work or plaster surfaces. It can also be used with stencils to achieve a raised embossed stencil surface.


Stir contents of jar, and with a putty knife or flat edges trowel lay paste over a stencil and build up to the required thickness.

If you desire, you can color your paste with a small amount of Botanics furniture paint. If coloring the embossing paste with paint, allow for extra drying time.

After it has dried, remove your stencil and finish the area as you desire, with paint or waxes.

Embossing Paste can also be used to texturise paint but remember it will increase the drying time.

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