Hemp infusion oil
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Hemp infusion oil

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Our hemp infusion oil is a synergy of beautiful organic oil plant & nut oils that will assist you in reviving beautiful timber, bringing out its natural beauty. Not only does hemp infusion oil seal beautifully, it is durable and hard wearing. Hemp infusion oil should be applied sparingly, leaving time to absorb between coats. Hemp infusion oil will keep prevent moisture and water affecting your piece while allowing your timber to breathe and hold onto its own natural moisture.

With the correct application of hemp infusion oil your furniture piece will repel water spills and protect your finish.

Allow this product is easy to apply, it is a super durable option to protect your painted pieces and also a great product to bring life back into timber.


When applying over paint.

When applying hemp infusion oil over paint, you have a few usage options.

This product can be used just to seal your paint or you can use it for wet sanding and distressing.

To seal; apply a thin layer of hemp infusion oil with a brush or cloth. Remove excess. Hemp infusion oil often needs a little time to absorb into your painted piece. This can take an hour or 24 hours depending on the paint used. It is important to remove excess oil as it can become sticky if too much is used. Over this drying time you will see if the piece requires more oil. If it has absorbed nicely, we recommend applying a second thin coat of oil, and once again repeat the process of your first coat. Often when using hemp infusion a furniture piece will let you know if it is has enough oil. It will stop absorbing the oil and just sit on top of your piece. This is a very good indication you have used enough. It will depend on the porosity of the timber and the paint.

Wet distressing paint:

If you would like to polish or wet distress your paint, you can do so with hemp infusion oil. This is a great way to achieve a buttery smooth finish on your paint. Use one of our paint polishing pads or some ultra fine grit wet n dry sandpaper(1500grit). Pour a small amount of hemp infusion oil onto your furniture piece, and depending on the effect you want you can use just a size to side motion or a circular motion, keeping your sanding pad/paper wet with the hemp infusion oil. Wiping away occasionally the excess oil, dirtied from your paint. It is important to keep your sanding pad wet with the oil as you as using this as your buffing medium. It is also important to use very light pressure on the pad so you don't cut through your paint surface. You are infact polishing and distressing your paint. Once you have achieved the desired look, add a fresh, thin coat of hemp infusion oil to your entire surface a and allow to dry completely.

When using on raw timber;

Apply a thin first coat, and allow to absorb into your timber wiping away excess. Follow with a second coat of hemp infusion oil you may or may not decide to wet sand (as mentioned above). Wet sanding your timber will help guide the hemp infusion oil into the timber grain, it will also smooth away any roughness in the timber.


Our hemp is proudly Australian grown.

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