Introducing All in One - primer, sealer and undercoat

botanics all in one primer sealer undercoat lessentialBOTANICS all in one is a primer, sealer and undercoat all in one product.
This product will give you superior adhesion to most surfaces, reduce the amount of coats required with your coloured coat, and has awesome hiding power for imperfections on your surface or on repairs.
Did we mention it blocks staining?
Tannin, oils and a lot of the nasty stuff that can cause bleed through on your pieces can sometimes play havoc when using light coloured paint. Many available blockers out there are shellac based, ours is not. It is water wash up and easy to use.
It is a beautiful strong resin that holds back all of the things we don't want to show in our beautiful finished pieces. It doesn't feel sticky or like plastic. It will also help you block the odours and smoke that can be part of dealing with old pieces.

Our base coat dries matte, this is great as it stops your coloured coat from sliding off, it grips on tight.
This is the super hero in painting!!

We suggest using all in one in white under light colours and even our brights. Our grey or white can be used for our deeper colours depending on the undertone you want. Using a base coat will also help the paint to adhere to the substrate

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