How to use Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint

The new Ultimate finish mineral paint by L'essential, is an eco friendly and safe 100% acrylic water-based furniture coating made right here in Australia. 

Here is our step by step guide to using this amazing new furniture mineral paint developed with our climate in mind. 

It's easy when you know how!

Step 1. Assess your piece.

Does it need prep? Prep your piece ensuring there is no flaking point or loose particles and clean your piece. Minimal prep is required.  If you would like to give your piece a good cleaner we use and recommend Brush and Surface Cleaner

If you are worried your piece will bleed consider using the L'essential All In One primer, blocker and undercoat. 

Step 2. Scuff

If you substrate is clean and ready to paint, scuff the surface lightly to give it some "tooth".

Step 3. First Coat

With a good quality synthetic brush, apply your first coat. First coats of most paints will normally look a little patchy and uneven, this is normal.

Step 4. Second Coat

Allow your first coat to dry, this may take 20 mins - 45mins depending on the weather. Apply your 2nd coat of paint once dry.

Very light pressure while using your brush will assist in minimal brush marks.

Ultimate finish is self-levelling, it is fantastic in this respect but we can't do magic! A good quality brush and light hand is crucial to a beautiful finish.

Also make sure to load your brush with lots of paint, as its self levelling it needs enough to be able to level out. This is really important - don't skim on paint. It will save you extra coats and give you a more beautiful finish. 

Step 5. Additional Coat

Depending on your timber colour and your paint colour you may need a 3rd coat.

Step 6. Finishing Touches

Now to finish the piece, you may decide you want to wet sand with liquid wax, soapstone wax or hemp infusion oil. This will give you a stunning glossy finish. You may decide to use glaze or coloured waxes on your piece, or you may decide you don't need a finish on it at all. That is the beauty of ultimate finish, sealing is not required.

*Keep in mind Ultimate Finish has a 7 day cure time. In this time be gentle with your painted surface.

You can use finishing products during this time. If distressing we recommend using wet and dry sand paper (1000 grit recommended) as course sandpaper can potentially tear your paint as it is different to chalk like paints. 

Ready to give it a try? 

Purchase Ultimate finish mineral paint in store at Vend Marketplace Virginia or online now.  AfterPay available. 


Revival Homewares is the proud supplier of L'ESSENTIAL's beautiful range of painting products. 

They use a fusion of technology, high quality ingredients and nature to create a stunning range of eco-products.

L'ESSENTIAL products are handmade and hand-poured in Australia as well as zero voc and are water based.

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