Honoured to be awarded a L’essentiel Platinum Retailer

We were very excited to be awarded the status of a L’essentiel Platinum Retailer this week!

This means I shock the majority of their beautiful product lines, provide excellent customer service and have extensive product knowledge and experience.

I would like to thank all of you who purchased online or in person at Vend Marketplace, which allows me to be able to stock these amazing Australian made and eco certified safe products.

Currently our range of L'essentiel products included:

Botanics Furniture Paint - chalk and clay based
Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint
Beautiful beeswax finishes
Hemp Infusion Oils
Rusted and speciality finishes
Nordic Eco Stains
Topcoats and sealers


There are three easy ways to purchase L'essentiel products from us

  1. In person at our retail space at Vend Marketplace 1768 Sandgate Rd Virginia, open everyday 8am to 4pm
  2. In person at our home workshop at Toorbul - by appointment 
  3. Online here 24/7

If you have any questions please just message me or phone 0412 110 803 anytime. 


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