Four steps to the perfect stain finish with Nordic eco stains


Nordic eco stain has taken the difficulty out of staining timber.

Achieving perfect results every time, has made Nordic eco stain one of our best selling products.

Water based, subtle colours that can be built up for the correct depth you require.

Nordic dries dead flat. It doesn’t require sealing, although you can seal purely for the look you want to achieve.

Plus it can also be used as you would use a glaze.

How to apply to a table top:

Step 1.

Ensure your surface is clean and free of dust and/grease. We use L'essentiel Brush and Surface Cleaner

Step 2.

Decant about 100ml of Nordic eco stain into a plastic dish or even a plastic cup. To this add about 30mls of water and mix this well.

Step 3.

Wipe over your table top evenly with a damp cloth so your timber surface is just damp from the cloth, this will even out the porosity of the table and make your stain easier to apply.

You can either use a wide brush or cloth to apply your stain.

Step 4.

Wet your brush or cloth with water, if using a cloth, squeeze our excess water so the cloth is damp, same with your brush.

Dunk this into your stain, now squeeze out excess stain out of cloth (this stain is not toxic and will not stain your hands).

Now wipe the cloth evenly over your piece in long strokes with the wood grain.

Be mindful of butting up to each swipe up the table with your next swipe (you don't want areas not stained).

Now rinse your brush or cloth and wait for this layer to dry. It won't take long.

Step 5.
Now we need to do a second coat of your stain mix. You should have ample left in your cup. Apply the stain again in the same way you applied the first coat, this time you don't need to dampen the table first.

Apply your second coat in long sweeps again trying to be as even and as straight as you can be. After this coat is dry, you may decide the colour is how you want it to be. If you want the table darker, apply more stain (the same way as described above).

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